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Life Without Butterflies? Flutter the thought!......

I love the little butterflies that visit my garden. They add a wonderful beauty to my garden.

Remember the plants you provide for butterflies, will attract other pollinators as well. Pollinators of all kinds should be welcomed to your garden. They provide a critiacal service to our environment.

May all of your weeds be wildflowers!

Buckeye Buckeyes are normally found fluttering about at ground-level of undisturbed fields.

Buddleia Davidii ( Butterfly Bush ), comes in several colors, including pink and white. This skipper knows that they provide a lot of sweet nectar.

A Monarch enjoys nectar from the same Buddleia.

One of the predators of the butterfly are lizards. Cute though, huh?

A Monarch hardening it's wings after bursting through it's chrysalis.
Other's hang in waiting.

A Skipper enjoying the sweet nectar of Lantana.

A Brazilian Skipper rests on a Tropical Passionflower leaf ( above ) and on Lantana ( below ).

Canna is the larval food for the Brazilian Skipper. They hide themselves inside the folded leaf edges. Chewed leaves on your plants is a GOOD thing in a butterfly garden!

I was shocked to find such a long caterpillar inside the leaf of the canna. I'm not sure if this is the larvae of the Brazillan Skipper or not. It seemed enormous ( about 3 inches long ), but I'm not yet familar with them.

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