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Welcome to Easy Butterfly Gardening

Learn to watch and wait. Some butterflies may only breeze by, never stopping to say "hello".
Observe your surroundings and especially your garden.
Keep a journal of your butterfly sitings and your plant findings.
There are many ways to make Butterfly Gardening a delightful hobby.
Children love butterflies.
Invite a child to go butterfly catching with you or to release a butterfly.

White Peacock Butterfly

This is the first "White Peacock" to visit my garden.
I was so excited to find him, I could hardly get to him
fast enough to snap his picture.
White Peacock butterflies are usually seen in ditches and low damp vegetation.
My first experience with them, my friend Kathy and I found them by the hundreds.
She had the sunroof open and one actually flew inside her truck!
They seem to fancy Oxeye Daisy. I have some in my yard but it was that infamous Lantana again, that it was feeding on.

Gulf Frittilary

A Gulf Frittilary rests in the shade of some Firespike plants.


Taking a picture of a Swallowtail is a challenge.
They flap their wings almost non-stop to keep themselves upright on their nectar source.
This is a Black Swallowtail.

Swallowtail Butterfly

A female Black Swallowtail finds this Bronze Fennel is just the right spot to lay her eggs.


Black Swallowtail Caterpillars are very colorful.

Swallowtail Eggs

You will have to look closely to find the eggs when you are looking for them. These are Black Swallowtails eggs.
Other butterfly's eggs will look different.


Such a pretty bush is Duranta also known as "Golden Dewdrop" for it's gold little round berries that appear at certain times of the year. Many butterflies find this a good choice for nectar.

by Mark Henter

Beautiful butterfly, joyfully free
No longer awkward or earthbound to be
The way it was changed
Tells what has happened to me

The image of the butterfly
Born again and made new
All because of Jesus
Now I am born again too

The old me is gone
My spirit is new
The change that took place
I owe all to you

It didn't take long, an instant or so
You are with me Lord Jesus, wherever I go
The change was complete, now I am free
Made in His image, a follower I'll be

The story is not over, the work incomplete
I have to tell others, whoever I meet
go to the Cross of Jesus, open your heart
Like the butterfly, you will have a new start

Cosmos make a beautiful display in your garden and the butterflies like them too.

Clouded Sulphur

This Clouded Sulphur finds the Pagoda Flower nectar suitably sweet.

Pagoda Flower

Pagoda Flower is so sweet, just look at it close up. It looks too yummy to resist!

Butterfly Gardening Tip

Zebra Longwing

I'm use to viewing the Zebra Longwing with it's long beautiful wings open. But this fella was sitting so pretty with his wings folded up, I just had to takes it picture.

Monarchs Mating

These Monarchs are mating. They didn't even care if I was taking their picture! You can get very close to them in this state as they have their minds elsewhere.
Don't be surprised though if they fly away, still attached!

Skipper Love

Must be that time of the year. These Skippers seem to find each other attractive.


Asclepias Milkweed, this is the "Scarlet Milkeed" and I have found it is the most desirable of the Monarchs.


How blessed we are in my neighborhood in Orlando to have peacocks roaming freely. This beautiful peacock finds this lone branch just right for dangling his long gorgeous feathers off from it.

Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea) Pictured below, is a beloved
nectar flower by many pollinators and butterflies.

You may contact me at: flowerchild@cfl.rr.com (No spam please) I love hearing about butterflies! If you live in Orlando and have a butterfly garden, tell me about it!

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