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The Guide to Florida Wildflowers
by Walter Kingsley Taylor

Reviewer: M. A. Battilana from Alabama, United States "The Guide to Florida Wildflowers by Taylor has been most helpful to me, a photographer, in identification for cataloging of my images. The book is well organized and probably one of the most complete on the subject of Southeastern wildflowers that I own or have been able to borrow. The only drawback, which presents itself as a major problem at times, is that many of the images in the book are ill-defined. The flowers in some of the images are either out of focus (ex: Buttonweed, pg. 105) or so small in relation to the picture (ex: White Lobelia, pg. 107) that even a magnifying glass is of no use. Overall though, I give the book a very good rating. I have read a great many books on the subject of wildflowers and have yet to find anything to replace it." MAB

Reviewer: A reader from Orlando
"The organization of this book (by flower color) makes it so incredibly easy for you to find the flower you're looking at or for. The photos are clear and helpful, as is the writing. A very handy guide to finding sturdy, attractive, and low-maintenance flowers for a butterfly garden or easy-care back yard as well as being a superb field guide.

Reviewer: A reader from Tampa FL I have used this book to identify many wildflowers in my neighborhood and undeveloped areas. It is well-organized by flower colors. Also included are excellent and clear sketches regarding flower parts. I highly recommend it for the natural hobby botanist."

Hardcover: 328 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 9.75 x 6.50
Publisher: Taylor Pub; (February 1992)