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Buddleia ( Butterfly Bush )


Eastern Pygmy Blue Butterfly

Brazilian Skipper on Water Hemlock

I bought this Columbine at the Farmer's Market
in Raleigh, NC while I was there on vacation back in April.
It's doing better than I thought it would.

This is Poisionous Water Hemlock with a Black Swallowtial caterpillar on it.

Two days later I found the caterpillar had turned green!

This is Gazinia or Blanket Flower.

Purple Skullcap


Firey Skipper on Lantana


Lyre Leaved Sage

Endangered Lupine

Wildflower "Mimosa"

Mock Orange - Loved by many Butterflies, Bees, Birds and Squirrels


A variety of Paw Paw - Native to Florida


Opossum Visiting My Garden

Rats love sunflower seeds too.

Tall Ironweed - Native Florida Wildflower

Tabebuia - "Golden Trumpet Tree"

Thistle close-up