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Wild About Wildflowers

Okay, Here is the "Secret" Part.......

Help Identify These Plants! Do you love a solving mysteries? Here is your chance!
I have some pictures below of plants that I don't know. Can you help identify them?
If so, I will gladly give you credit under the plants indentification, if the indentity checks out.
So come on, get those books out and help me solve this mystery!

You may click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing.

Discovering the names of wildflowers is great fun.
With camera in hand, I go out for a wildflower hunt. Then I try to identify the wildflowers I found.
I think you would enjoy it too. It's a wonderful hobby and doesn't require much gear.
There are always new seasons of plants in bloom to go looking at and always some new location waiting to be found.
A great hobby for everyone and a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors!

Click to enlarge

Mystery29 - This Month's Featured Mystery Plant

Unknown #2 - Found in
East Orlando. This is showing two plants
that have been planted together.

Unknown #3 - Found in
East Orlando

Unknown #4 - Found in
East Orlando

wildflower 4b
Unknown #4 ( Another Look )

wildflower 5
Unknown #5 - Found in
East Orlando

wildflower M39
Mystery #39 - Found in
Orlando, Florida area

Mystery Wildflower M39
Close-up View of Mystery #39

Unknown #7 - Found in
a garden center, but I forgot
what it is.

Florida Wildflower M04
Found in SE Orlando
Picture taken in August

 wild flower 8
Unknown #8 - Found in
East Orlando

florida wildflower M31
Mystery #31 - Found in
Southeast Orlando

florida native plant M33
Mystery #33 - Found in
Southeast Orlando
There are many wildflowers
that look similar to this plant.

florida native plant M41
Mystery #41 - Found in
Southeast Orlando area

florida native plant 12
Unknown #12 - Found in
St. Andrew's Park - Panama City, Fl

wildflower 13
Unknown #13 - Found in
St. Andrews Park - Panama City, Fl

wildflower 14
Unknown #14 - Found in
Bayou George Area - Panhandle of Florida

mystery wildflower 43
Click for another view
Mystery #43- Found in
Southeast Orlando

Please Email Me At:

Please email me if you can identify any of these plants. I will research the information and if I can confirm that the plant(s) you identify, I will give you credit for it below the plants name. If you don't wish to have your name mentioned, please let me know.

Thank you for helping me to solve the Secret's of Butterbloom's Garden!

Please submit your wildflower pictures or pictures from your garden! Be fair and share!